Inside of box

Here’s another of my own poems, which I only finished today, despite having started it over a year ago. Perhaps this is hard to believe, given that the poem is only nine lines long! But it’s one that I’ve kept returning to again and again, and it’s had many variations, additions and deletions over time. The longer version has turned itself into a novel (one for grown-ups this time!), which is currently work-in-progress. Here’s the final version of the poem.

The Art of Invisibility

I have shut myself inside this box.
Sealed it well, from the inside,
And filled the cracks.

I fashioned it myself,
Based it on a model I devised long ago;
I remembered the dimensions intimately.

And inside I am safe.
Inside, I can hardly be seen.
The art of invisibility is slowly and carefully learnt.

Copyright 2013 Vicki Watson

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