Happy Monday! Today I thought I’d add a few recommendations to the And a poem on the side, please blog, sharing some of my recent and not-so-recent finds and maybe providing a bit of inspiration. So here, for your delectation and delight, are my offerings of the day:

A website to visit

Hello Poetry is a great poetry platform, since it’s full of surprises, always thought-provoking and sometimes reveals some real talent. I like the ‘pot luck’ feel of not knowing quite what kind of poetry you’re going to get. It’s rather like StumbleUpon for poets! Visit http://hellopoetry.com/ and see for yourself.

A competition to enter

National Poetry Competition imageOne of the world’s largest and most prestigious poetry contests, the National Poetry Competition is accepting entries until 31 October. First prize £5000, second prize £2000, third prize £1000, seven commendations £100. The top three winners will have their poems published in Poetry Review and be invited to read at the Ledbury Poetry Festival. Winners announced spring 2014. Entry fees £6 for your first poem and £3.50 for subsequent entries in the same submission. Free second entry for Poetry Society members. Details from http://www.poetrysociety.org.uk/content/competitions/npc/.

A book to readDaisy Goodwin's book cover

This week, I’m reading Daisy Goodwin’s Essential Poems for Britain, and I would thoroughly recommend it. The front blurb states that the anthology is a ‘witty reflection of what it means to be British today’, and it’s a rather wonderful mix of old favourites and more contemporary verses. The poets range from Keats and Blake to Fanthorpe and Zephaniah. I’ll share some of my favourite poems from the book later in the week.

And a quote to end on

“Poetry is everywhere; it just needs editing.”

– James Tate

Enjoy your day!

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