Well, a week has sped by already and it’s time for our second Talent Tuesday. Today I’d like to share some of Patrick Howse’s poems. I found Patrick’s work on Poetry Zoo, the new poetry platform set up to coincide with National Poetry Day. You can find them at www.poetryzoo.com and you can find Patrick’s page here: http://poetryzoo.com/author/patrickhowse/profile.

Patrick is a former BBC Newsgathering journalist who developed PTSD covering the Iraq war between 2003-2009. Originally wring poems about that, he now writes about anything that takes his fancy – Nature, Art, Music, Travel and Love. Here are three of my favourites:


This fabric of woven cloud
Makes the surrounding
Mountains purely theoretical

And even the unbroken threads of rain
Unravel the blanket greyness
Too slowly to lift the gloom.

The high blue Alpine skies
Where the white summit waves break
Sit beyond the range

Of sight or foresight:
You could be forgiven
For thinking it will last forever

Bashall Eaves

After the war that took the fathers
But before the next
Had taken the sons,

A man was murdered here:
Shot with a hand-moulded bullet
Fired from a home-made gun.

The village knew killer and killed
But bled the mystery bit by bit
Deep into Bowland soil.

Young, I came long after,
To the old stone houses
Enclosing a triangle of green.

Breathless and rosy cheeked
A girl I’d never met,
And never saw again,

Handed me a single red flower;
Then, smiling, she walked away,
Knowing this village keeps its secrets.

An Autumn Baby

I only have her
For the morning.
Later she can
Enjoy to the full
Everything the day
Can bring her.

She has places to go,
People to see,
And others to love;
This is my hope.
It’s her spring,
But my autumn:

So I pray for a
Golden day of leaves
Falling deeply into
A fruitful country,
Because I only have her
For the morning.

Copyright Patrick Howse

The last poem I especially love.

If you’d like to be considered for Talent Tuesday, don’t hesitate to get in touch, either here on on Twitter @CallistoGreen. It’s always lovely to discover new poets!

3 thoughts on “Talent Tuesday #2

  1. ms vicki, i saw ur post in poetry editors & poets to which i am an active member..i’ve started posting some of my humble work too..pls advise on how i can forward my work to you.many thanks. – CON

    • If you’ve got a website or blog, feel free to post a link to it here, so that other people can also visit. Otherwise, you can send me some samples to my email address at vicki@callistogreen.com. If you could just put ‘And a poem on the side, please’ in the subject line, that would be great, and then I won’t get it mixed up with my regular work emails. I’ll look forward to reading some of your work!

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