I’m rather late in putting together Talent Tuesday this week, partly because I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple of poets who I was hoping to include this week. Note to self: must be more organised in future.

So instead, today I’d like to include some poems from a poet I’ve found and liked recently at http://www.hellopoetry.com, Raina Louis. Here are three rather lovely examples:


He tried to dig wells inside of me
With one of those spoon-fork-knife
All-inclusive combos.
Silly little things, and made of plastic too!
As if my walls were made of that pudding stuff.
Waste of injury! Foolish boy!
I should be outraged at the insult,
I should cry at his naiveté,
Spit on his back’s bending,
Curse his sweat’s rewarding the work.
But I cradle him close, let him dig softly, grip softly
Lest he break his tools
Lest he break this rhythm
I cradle him close and let concrete lap sweetly at his sweat.
And when we are this close, my fingers always dig sweetly into his back.

Copyright © Raina Louis 2013


Ease yourself unto my spirit
Gather your folds closely
I long to whisper secrets of myself to you
In the voice of an old woman
I will be wide eyed, turban tied
Sitting on the stoop of an old porch
Long skirt over knees
Watching empty streets
Fingers long, thin–wrinkled paper
Wrapped smartly round a cigar
Seducing smoke to the sky

Copyright © Raina Louis 2013

Love from a distance

I like to love you from a distance
Not because I am afraid to approach
But because from this far
Your ridges are smooth
your smell faint
gaze passing

I like to love you from a distance
Not because I fear your response
But because from this far
There are no need for words
Sights are all we have
And the moments know many tongues

I like to love you from a distance
Not because I am coward
But because his arms are wrapped around my waist
And each time my head turns to look
Your way, he simply cups my chin
and kisses me so passionately
that of course, I must close my eyes.

Copyright © Raina Louis 2013

You can find more of Raina’s poetry at http://hellopoetry.com/-raina-louis/.

If you’d like to be included in one of the And a poem on the side, please Talent Tuesdays, do please get in touch either here, by email to vicki@callistogreen.com or on Twitter at @CallistoGreen. Any kind of poetry considered.


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