This week I’d like to share two poems from two separate poets whose work I found on poetryzoo.com. This first one is by Sean Wright, who is a writer, reviewer and interviewer from Adelaide, Australia. You can find some of his poetry here. This one is called ‘Summer Squall’.

Summer Squall

A summer squall is rolling in
A subtle draft, a pleasant breeze,
has turned into a broiling thing
of heated words and brimming tears.

The pressure builds and peace is rent,
the squall pulls in a thousand thoughts
from petty showers not quite yet spent
and love is lost, as battle’s fought.

But like, some old heroic tale
of Gods or Titans locked in war
This summer squall begins to fall;
cool tears, warm limbs, and love once more.

Copyright © 2013 Sean Wright

And the second poem comes from Co Cork in Ireland, from the pen of Niall Finn, whose work can be found here. When you visit, make sure you check out ‘Listening’ as well – it’s a great poem.

A Visit to Sherkin Island

The island marks our time in years
As we walk the road,
Battling quietly our renegade thoughts
In hordes,
Finally they rest of their own accord.

As little hooks capture and quiet the mind;
A flagpole’s chime in the breeze
A crab’s claw on the strand,
The sleekness of a seal,
Some wild roses (carelessly beautiful).

My heart sees the ghost of a strong man
And in his arms a laughing little child,
Watching the birds and flowers together,
Ignorant of our passing time.

As on we go.
And on, and on.

Memories flow in the quiet,
Dancing with wind and wave.
‘Til they too give in and rest
Then merrily dance away.

And so we begin again
And again, and again.

Each moment a beginning,
Each beginning another end.

Copyright © 2013 Niall Finn

Although these poems are very different in rhythm and rhyme, they both have a beautiful simplicity of language and I love the cyclic nature inherent in them both. Do head over to PoetryZoo to check out more of these poets work, as well as some of the other new poems being posted – the site is still in its infancy but there are some gems there already.

If you would like to see some of your poems featured on the And a poem on the side, please Talent Tuesday, do get in touch, either here or via email or Twitter.

One thought on “Talent Tuesday #6

  1. As I read “A Visit to Sherkin Island” I found myself slowing down to take in the sights and sounds–a very good quality in this poem. “Listening” was equally good and more haunting. Thanks.

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