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Here’s one of my poems to share with you this morning – something short, sweet and calming! Although the subject matter is different, it has some similarities to an earlier poem I posted called Forgetting. It’s part of a series of three poems – this one is called The Primrose Angels.

The Primrose Angels

The angels come more frequently now,
Their visits like spring primroses,
Full of five-petalled, open-palmed beauty and quiet energy,
An unexpected surprise.
For they will come again; persistence is a virtue, it seems,
And I’m not quite lost yet.

They smile encouragingly and their sparkling laughter fills the void;
It lingers in the memory.
And with them I can breathe full-lung and be joyful,
Shout and dance naked in the street if I like.
Or dye my hair blue.

But of course I don’t.
Because for now I am content to let them fill my soul with wonder,
To be their angel in return,
And to wait for next year’s blooms.

Copyright © 2013 Vicki Watson

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